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    He loves one woman for 19 years: When he looks at me, my knees bend

    The actor, for whom many women still sigh, has been happily married to journalist Keely Shaye Smith for 19 years, and he likes to express his love for her on social networks. Every birthday, anniversary and similar moments Pierce Brosnan congratulates his wife through a photo from his youth with a romantic description and thus always gathers likes and comments from his fans.

    Still, there were those who wondered why she didn’t post newer photos with her and assumed the reason was that Keely had gained a few dozen pounds in the last few years. Of course, Pierce immediately posted a current photo of his wife and him congratulating her on her birthday and silenced the haters who thought he was ashamed of her.

    On one occasion, he discovered why he was still in love with Keely after 19 years:

    – I love her vitality, her passion. When Keely looks at me, she keeps knocking me off my feet and I feel myself kneeling.

    By the way, Keely saved Pierce from depression after his wife and daughter died, and with her, he had two sons, Paris and Dylan Thomas.

    Latest Posts


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