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    65-year-old Donatella Versace shows a slender figure in a bikini

    Donatella Versace looked sensational as she paraded on a beach in Sardinia, Italy, earlier this month with three male friends.

    The designer, 65, showed off her slender physique as she and her companions enjoyed a canoe ride before the group bathed in the crystal blue ocean.

    Donatella wore three different bikinis that combined a top with a deep neckline and high-cut panties to show off her figure.

    Donatella lifted her hair into a ponytail, while she wore heavy makeup on her face and offered lipstick.

    Donatella then changed into a pink two-piece costume.

    But it wasn’t the only change in clothes Donatella had made, as she also slipped into a striking bright green bikini that accentuated her slender figure as she went for a swim in the ocean.

    The swimwear of the Italian fashion icon emphasized her bronze physique during the trip, and she was also seen cooling off in the crystal blue waters with her friends.

    She seemed to be in a great mood while swimming as she blissfully rested a few laps in the ocean before going out to dry off, and one of her friends offered her a helping hand when she returned to shore.

    The mother of two took the lead role in Versace after the assassination of her brother Gianni in 1997, and had previously spoken of pressure to take over her brother’s successful business.

    Donatella Versace On Beach

    Although her first collection after his death was successful, the brand began to decline before it almost collapsed in 2004, and Donatella then admitted that for many years she experienced nights filled with tears as nightmares plagued her.

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