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    4 models of trousers that are contraindicated for women over 40

    To begin with, let’s make a reservation: it’s not about the age that is recorded in your passport. All fashionable restrictions are not caused by the number of birthdays, but by the features of the figure, which become typical for certain periods of life. So, let’s immediately discard prejudices about numbers and deal with the magic of competent styling – it works, having lost its stereotypes!

    Fashion experts often advise you to radically revise your wardrobe after each anniversary. Not because at a certain age, something seems to be forbidden to you – in no case! It’s just that your preferences, social status, and figure change with age, which means that you want something else from clothes. Let’s say, not frivolous and daring trends, as in 20, but more elegant forms and materials. Not deliberately sexy styles, but patterns that “sculpt” your forms.

    The presence of a really working base is paramount for girls after forty! The proportions are already formed, and they need to be harmonized with perfectly fitting trousers, blouses, and so on. There is simply no time for one-day finds: “cheap” materials look unkempt on a lady.

    So if you have not yet acquired such a “reinforced concrete” trouser capsule, you should definitely do it in the near future. And we will tell you which models to avoid – in most cases, they will sit on the figure badly.

    Culottes and capris

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    Cropped trousers are a potential problem for any figure in general. Even if you are the owner of model legs, culottes and capris will visually “cut” them. Even Heidi Klum does not associate with such styles, and it would seem that nothing will spoil her.


    We are talking about a very specific type of flared trousers – “cowboy” models with wide legs that fit snugly around the hips. This design simultaneously focuses attention on the hips (and there, as a rule, we try to hide the “ears”), and makes the image unsightly. If at 20 you put on a cropped top and pretend that today you just woke up with a “Wild West” mood, then after 40 it will be difficult to integrate such a dangerous flare into your wardrobe.

    On an elastic band

    “What’s wrong with elasticated trousers,” you ask. “They are so comfortable!” Comfortable, we do not argue, but at the same time “unfriendly” to other things – that is, difficult to style. You will have to constantly close your waist so that the elastic is not visible, and if you open this area, then the outfit can turn into nonsense. Sports elements (and the elastic band belongs to them) require certain clothes, and a casual wardrobe will not work.

    By the way, this is an important detail that ruins many good looks. For example, a down jacket with drawstrings and a hood is not compatible with a midi dress and high-heeled boots – and this offensive thing turns out after shopping.


    Bodycon are tight-fitting silhouettes that can look very vulgar if used incorrectly. To avoid this, you just need to make sure that in your new trousers, you can easily sit, stand, walk, get into the car – in general, and perform all daily activities without the risk of tearing the new thing. Otherwise, stretched fabric, firstly, will emphasize the imperfections of the figure, and secondly, it will most likely add an ugly vulgar accent. Follow this detail – and your images will always be winning.

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