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    Pursuing an impossible goal

    United States President Joe Biden once again painted a very pessimistic picture of winter, saying that the new mutant of the Coronavirus, Omicron, is highly contagious. He warned of the strong possibility of more COVID-19 cases soon. He pointed out that the safest way to protect against the new mutant Omicron is vaccination, adding that there is no excuse for staying unvaccinated now.

    The data that Biden mentioned confirms that the number of cases is on the rise, but despite the increase in the number of people with positive tests, the rates of emergency access to hospitals are declining, as most patients diagnosed with Omicron are now fully recovering in Within 2 to 3 days without medication. Omicron’s symptoms are very mild compared to the previous variants. Patients also reported fewer symptoms, such as loss of taste and smell or severe pain.

    The US President’s claim that the only solution is a vaccine has sparked great controversy because scientists believe that the Omicron variable indicates the approaching end of the epidemic.

    Scientists’ recommendations

    Tarry Grove Krause, the chief epidemiologist at the Danish Statistics Institute and the National Vaccine Institute, said their latest research shows that Omicron appears to be milder than the delta variant, and thus is expected to infect more people without serious symptoms. He explained that it is currently ongoing, and there will be a massive spread of infection next month. But when it ends, the situation will be much better than before. Claiming that the rapid spread of the disease without vaccination would provide a good level of immunity in the population, he said Omicron would peak at the end of January and February and pressure on the health care system would begin to ease. “We will return to our normal life in two months,” he expressed.

    The French Minister of Social Affairs and Health, Olivier Veran, also claimed that the fifth wave of the Coronavirus may be the last wave and that Omicron will be the last mutated, which means the end of the epidemic.

    Moreover, the claim of the US president, who dominates global health policies, that the epidemic can only be overcome through vaccines is impossible according to mathematical probabilities.

    According to Professor Andrew Pollard, director of the Oxford Vaccine Group that developed the AstraZeneca vaccine, regular vaccination of everyone in the world against the Coronavirus will not be sustainable and may be necessary. Pollard explained that the correct way is to vaccinate those most at risk, and Pollard’s statement to the BBC was bold, saying:

    “The vaccine is not really affordable nor sustainable and may not be required to vaccinate everyone on the planet every 4 to 6 months, and because we haven’t even been able to vaccinate everyone in Africa with a single dose, so we certainly won’t get to a point where we can handle the fourth doses For everyone”.

    If we consider that Pfizer-Biotech alone succeeded in growing the German economy by 0.5%, we can easily understand why current governments insist on the goal of “ending the epidemic by vaccinating everyone”.

    In fact, all that has been said aside…the article reviewing the opinions of eminent scientists and addressing the contradictions and medical advice given by the relevant institutions will be met with online warnings and taboos. Doesn’t this really explain everything clearly? In other words, what some circles fear is not the Coronavirus itself, but the end of the epidemic conditions.

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