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    These three classic fashion trends are sure to reign in the coming months

    With hot fashion hits that change from season to season, the fashion world is characterized by timeless pieces, but also trends that return every year, but still in a slightly different form. If you want to equip yourself for fashion autumn on time and with style, these three fashion trends are something you should definitely have in your closet ready for colder and certainly rainy autumn days.


    Knitted stylings are returning to the big doors in fashion this fall and in a new form they represent a trend that we cannot get enough of. We are not talking about a classic sweater or a knitted skirt: knitted stylings are worn from head to toe this fall. Particularly trendy stylings are those that involve combining different knitted pieces of a similar color.

    Pleated skirts

    They are very noticeable at fashion shows for fall 2021. There is hardly any other piece of clothing that embodies timeless style as well as this one.

    The pleated skirt was adored by Princess Diana herself, whose styling we have admired for decades, and you can ‘steal’ the styling idea from her. Namely, Diana liked to wear this always trendy skirt with an oversized sweater and complete the styling with a belt that emphasizes the waist and high boots. You can also wear this very classic combination with a shirt or jacket that reaches to the thighs.


    They never come into focus as much as they do on fall days. Fashion fall is hard to imagine without a good jacket, and this fashion piece is quite versatile. Wearing over casual combinations gives a dose of elegance, and whether in your free time or in the office, with a jacket you are immediately well dressed. In addition, it can be worn alone or during colder days under a jacket or coat. This season, ovesized models are worn that are combined with a short skirt and warm boots, and on colder days it will go well with casual pants.

    This season, you can play with real or artificial leather models that will surely attract the eye.

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