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    TANJA SAVIC HAS A NEW LOVE ? – He is a famous musician

    As the scandal writes, one musician from the vicinity of Smederevo, extremely famous among entertainers, is crazy about Tanja Savic!

    Namely, Tanja has been a weak point for him for years, and now that she has problems with her husband Dusan Jovancevic and is one step closer to divorce, he used the opportunity to get closer to her. Of course, Tanja occasionally meets him, they go for coffee and that’s all, however, he brags about how they entered the romance and that he can’t wait for the singer to give birth to his child!

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    • I’m telling you, this is a famous musician, all singers know him, as well as those who watch live performances on YouTube. It doesn’t matter, for the most part, he’s crazy about Tanja. He wants to help her bring back the children, he promised her everything – explains the source of Scandal! and adds:

    • Tanja has nothing to do with him except that she respects him and likes to meet him from time to time. I’m just worried that he won’t cause her a problem because he brags about how he will marry her, and she has yet to divorce and fight a hard battle over her sons. God forbid that everything is as it should be, Tanja will easily give in if she likes the musician, and now it is important that she plays wisely and that her children finally return. I guess that musician will understand that too, so he will stop bragging that he can’t wait for Tanja to give birth to his child – the source concludes.

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