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    The volunteer who died did not receive the vaccine- Oxford

    It has been announced that research on making the vaccine will continue

    The University of Oxford announced after the death of the volunteer, that he did not even receive the vaccine, but a placebo, which means that he did not die from the consequences of the vaccine.

    It has been announced that research on making the vaccine will continue.

    The Brazilian health service Avsisa announced that a volunteer who received the coronavirus vaccine, which was developed by Astro Zeneca and the University of Oxford, passed away in the third phase of the clinical trial of the vaccine.

    The Federal University of Sao Paulo, which helps coordinate during a third-phase clinical trial in Brazil, said the deceased volunteer was Brazilian.

    After the volunteer’s death, Oxford said the volunteer was part of a control group, and that instead of a corona vaccine, he received it against meningitis.

    The Brazilian health service of Anvis said that the development of the corona vaccine will continue despite the fact that the volunteer passed away.

    “After a careful study of the case in Brazil, it was found that there is no cause for concern when it comes to the safety of clinical development, and the Brazilian service in an independent investigation came to the conclusion that the program should continue,” said the University of Oxford.

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