Saturday, May 18, 2024

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    The art of living and feeling good

    Now, most people have probably said goodbye to summer and for many, everyday life takes over with autumn. It is important to break up daily life by stopping and examining how you are feeling. What makes you happy? This question may seem simple, but it is often complicated for us.

    Now I have just started school again after a four-year absence and life is in many ways more mundane than in recent years. Still, it’s so much fun to feel inward what it was like to go far beyond the dose and how much my happiness depends on how I treat myself and others.

    Happiness does not necessarily depend on how much is happening at that moment. Traveling around the globe can be a daunting task. I think this year has taught us that and so much more.

    Yesterday I was not at my best and small in me so I decided to write down a list of things that gave me warmth and joy. I like to grab the writing and feel how it relieves my mood every single time. Simply going for a walk and a swim completely changed the day for the better.

    After that, I went to an art museum and forgot for a moment in another dimension where the works of art took over what was waiting outside the museum. I went out refreshed for the day, surrounded by the art that life really is.

    Let us occasionally forget ourselves, let our minds wander, and create our own works of living art.

    Latest Posts


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