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    Leonardo dicaprio interrogated in multi-billion dollar fraud case. What’s happened?

    The FBI suspects the actor of links with the financier joe low.

    In October, it became known that Leonardo DiCaprio was embroiled in an unpleasant story. The actor became an unwitting accomplice in a multi-billion dollar scam. Leo is suspected of having links with one of the members of the Fugees Prakazrel Michel and businessman joe lowe.

    An FBI special agent, an IRS investigator, and three justice department prosecutors questioned the artist in a multi-billion dollar fraud case. It is reported that the rapper and businessman were accused of embezzling several billion dollars from a Malaysian development fund. They used part of the funds to finance the filming of the film “the wolf of wall street” with DiCaprio in the title role.

    Meanwhile, the defendants in the case were on friendly terms with the artist. During the investigation, it also became known that more than 3.5 billion dollars were spent on the purchase of real estate, works of art, a yacht, and an aircraft.

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    According to sources, one of the defendants gave Leonardo a $3.2 million Picasso painting, which was bought with illegally earned money. Later, law enforcement officers seized the painting from the artist.

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