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    How to understand that you have stopped developing and find a life’s work?

    Each of us at least once faced a personal crisis, when life loses its bright colors, and the usual rhythm begins to strain. Habitual goals and aspirations no longer inspire, and there are no new successes yet. A writer will tell you how to understand that you have stopped developing and find your true calling for future victories.

    Signs of Losing Yourself

    One of the main causes of a personality crisis can be identified as a loss of interest in life. Weekdays become boring and monotonous. A person stops looking for and learning new things, so he begins to “rust” in his comfort zone. He does not want to meet new people and communicates only with old friends. He has no desire to take up a new hobby, only old hobbies, a favorite restaurant, and a gym is interesting.

    In this case, it is important to change the situation. If you want to stay active and cheerful, it’s a good idea to change your surroundings every few years. Naturally, work should remain work, and family should remain family, but everyday things need to be changed.

    For example, upgrade your car, renovate your apartment, or visit new establishments. Most importantly, let new people into your life. After that, you will begin to feel the colors of life again.

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    However, with age, people get used to their comfort zone, they do not want to change anything. Over time, this begins to negatively affect a person’s life, because he does not develop and begins to degrade. Therefore, changes in life, moving, traveling, and experiments with appearance help to develop thinking and not go to a dead end.

    “Lost Man” – who is this?

    Now many people are interested in spiritual development. Of these, 99% are “lost”. Why? Most of them failed to adapt to society, to take a good position at work or a place in society. Therefore, they flee to the southern countries and speak confidently about philosophical things, because they understand that much of this is not proven by science. No one will be able to start an argument with them or oppose their opinion. These people are constantly on the lookout for something. “Lost” often changes location, always lives in a new city, and can not stop at one place. These are people who are always experimenting at work, and they cannot work according to the schedule, preferring a simple part-time job. They don’t complete any of their work.

    On the one hand, they want freedom, and on the other hand, such people are very windy, fickle, and irresponsible. A person who is really interested in spiritual development is socially adapted, he has a job, studies, an apartment, a car, a family, children, and good relations with his parents. He may devote some of his time to meditation and journaling. Most people who have run away from stability live on suitcases are in incomprehensible companies, and waste their energy.

    How to find a life’s work?

    To find the work of his life, a person must be in good spirits and in good condition. Before you make an important decision and take on a new business, you should “cleanse yourself”. For example, refrain from bad habits or fast during Orthodox holidays. After this purification, you will be able to better understand what kind of business suits you best and what you can be successful in. Be alone with yourself and make a wish list.

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    Remember what you dreamed of since childhood. Make a choice with your heart. Grab something that makes you feel warm inside. If you make a decision while you are quarreling with loved ones or when you are in a bad mood, then the field of activity will be chosen incorrectly. To do this, you need to clear your head of unnecessary thoughts, enter the correct mode and avoid conflicts. You should not listen to the people around you if they do not believe in you and your business, strive for what your heart has chosen, and do not doubt yourself!

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