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    Hollywood Stars Who Haven’t Changed at All in 10 Years

    They say that time does not spare anyone, but watching some representatives of Hollywood, one can hardly believe it. Years go by, and some celebrities are still as young and fresh as they were ten years ago. And, I think, the secret lies not in a mysterious portrait, as in the novel by Oscar Wilde, but in good genetics, competent personal care, and the fine work of beauty specialists.

    In the world of stars, you need to always be on top, because the ubiquitous paparazzi can watch at the most inopportune moment, and your half-home photos will go around the world. And here, fans will certainly find a reason for classic discussions in the spirit of “getting old”, “getting better”, etc. Therefore, most celebrities try to carefully monitor their appearance so as not to give rise to malicious comments addressed to them and maintain a personal brand at the proper level.

    However, some celebrities do not need to put in a lot of effort to look better than their peers. The most stellar representatives of the “forever young” camp and their beauty secrets were discussed together with plastic surgeon Lyubov Gower.

    Sandra Bullock

    The 57-year-old Oscar-winning actress shows off her beautiful body and face. The star is in excellent physical shape and lives a full life, trying not to “shine” much in the media. Despite the fact that many are trying to attribute numerous plastic surgeries to the star, it is safe to say that she practically did not resort to them. She may have had a rhinoplasty many years ago, but this point remains in question.

    What can be noted for sure is that Sandra knows how to competently use cosmetic procedures: hardware techniques, peels, possibly injections of botulinum toxins, and fillers. Healthy radiance of the skin and the presence of the correct volumes in the lips and cheekbones clearly confirm this. At the same time, the actress also has facial wrinkles that make her face “alive” without turning it into a mask. With this approach, the actress, even after another ten years, will surprise with her young appearance.

    Ann Hataway

    Another happy owner of excellent genetics is the star of the movie “The Devil Wears Prada” beloved by millions, Anne Hathaway. At 40, she deliberately refuses the help of plastic surgeons, believing that she is young enough for this. She did not correct the naturally lowered outer corners of the eyes and did not change the shape of the nose, which is quite wide.

    However, she is very attentive to skin care. Botox injections in the forehead area, fillers in the nasolabial fold, plasma lifting – these are the methods that, most likely, guard her beauty. The star has some signs of aging, but overall her skin looks hydrated and healthy.

    Liv Tyler

    Looking at the beautiful Liv Tyler, you might think that she is not without elven immortality. Porcelain skin, a chiseled figure, a radiant look – and all this at 45 years old. At the same time, the star managed to become a mother three times, which you can’t say at all from her.

    According to Liv, all she does is thorough home care in the form of three steps (cleansing, toning, moisturizing), using masks, and facial massage by a beautician once a month. Judging by the photos of the star of different years, in which the use of any fillers or other types of intervention is not noticeable, she is hardly hiding anything. And Tyler controls his weight with the help of training in the gym and ballet lessons.

    Jared Leto

    Another “immortal” on our stellar list is musician and actor Jared Leto. Fans even joke that he was bitten by a vampire, and now he will be forever young. Leto himself says that vegetarianism and sports loads help him to be in good shape. For example, at 51, the musician is actively involved in rock climbing. At the same time, it cannot be ruled out that the absence of wrinkles, for example, in the forehead area, is a consequence of Botox injections, and the overall skin tone is supported by such procedures as plasmo lifting and bio revitalization.

    Will Smith

    In conclusion, let’s talk about the legendary “Hancock” – Will Smith. Now the actor is 54 years old, but he is in great shape. Looking through his photographs, you have to carefully look at the dates, because it is almost impossible to visually determine exactly when they were taken – Will Smith’s appearance practically does not change over the years. You can notice the appearance of a couple of wrinkles, but in general, the condition of his skin can be called ideal. According to the star, he himself does nothing for this – he only carefully monitors his health and leads an active lifestyle, preferring power loads and running.

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