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    The most unfortunate handbags of stars

    Even one small detail can spoil the image, and if it is also a bag, then just write it was gone. No one is safe from an unsuccessful choice of “hand luggage”, and even eminent stars sometimes miss the shape, color, or size of an accessory. In this material, we learn from the mistakes of others and never repeat them.

    Alexa Chung

    Trying to get closer to perfection, Alexa Chung stumbled a step away from him. The girl decided to complete the ideally thought-out image with a bag of a nondescript shade, and this was her fatal mistake. The unsuccessful accessory looked like a dirty spot against the backdrop of a complex black and white outfit, visually simplifying the appearance of a celebrity.

    Anna Wintour

    Even Anna Wintour herself has bad days, and, unfortunately, on one of these she was not lucky enough to meet the paparazzi who captured her stylish miscalculation. The culprit turned out to be a textured white and blue bag, which entered into an unequal battle with a lurid orange trench coat. There was no winner in this battle, only losers.

    Chiara Ferragni

    Sinned with the choice of bags and Chiara Ferragni, going to one of the social events. She was let down by a tiny model from Etro, which was simply lost against the background of an unusual ethnic cardigan. If it were a little bigger or at least darker, the image would be perfect.

    Lady Gaga

    Lady Gaga’s favorite bag, Celine by Hedi Slimane, has played a trick on her several times. And the point is not in the style or color of the model but in its dimensions. Against the backdrop of the miniature figure of the singer, the classic from Celine looks like a travel trunk, and the cocktail dress creates even more dissonance. Replace it with a compact clutch or an accent reticule, and the image would play brighter.

    Tamara Excelston

    And again a miscalculation in color, this time Tamara Excelston was in the dock. It seems as if the British model tried to divert attention from the incomprehensible color of the dress with the silver Birkin. She failed to hide the crime, and now instead of one accusation, two harsh sentences from fashion critics hang on her at once.

    Florence Welch

    Of course, you can combine prints, but be very careful, otherwise, you risk getting into a mess, as happened with Florence Welch. An elegant transparent dress in a retro style clearly lost out to the aggressive “snake” on the bag. So it turned out that neither the bet on the dress played nor the accent bag could show itself in all its glory.

    Heidi Klum

    An incorrectly chosen bag can easily turn even a famous model into an aunt from a neighboring entrance. This is exactly what happened to Heidi Klum, and the big shapeless bag of the mustard color, which desperately argued with the “snake” dress, is to blame.

    Elsa Hosk

    It seemed that nothing could spoil a black tuxedo, especially if Elsa Hosk herself wore it. However, there is still something – a small fuchsia-colored satin bag. And the point is not at all in its bright color, which just dilutes the dark set very harmoniously, but in the material. Satin accessories always look cheaper than their leather counterparts, and even more so against the background of a strict suit.


    The singer could not resist the charm of a tiny white handbag and decided to complement her image with a flirty orange dress. The only pity is that because of the tiny size and bright background, the accessory has gone unnoticed…

    Jennifer Lopez

    Unlike Lizzo, J.Lo prefers to keep a low profile and opts for XXL bags even when it’s inappropriate. A huge strict trunk is a so-so company for a cocktail dress.

    Elle Fanning

    Of course, we have nothing against total bows, if they are made wisely. But the image of El Fanning clearly lacked bright accents. Dressed in all pale pink, the actress looked like a pale moth – and as soon as the paparazzi noticed her?

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