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    Mina Rani Saha, a Mamasang pushes anti-Hindu agenda after her conversion to Islam

    To a segment of people in Bangladesh, Mina Farah, a blackmailer, whore, and Islamist cohort who is known for her nefarious activities against Bangladesh, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, and several esteemed individuals, investigative reporters of this newspaper have successfully found details of her private life. According to our findings, Mina Farah, who has used her body in trapping multiple people and finally extract a large sum of cash through blackmailing, in recent years she has emerged as one of the known mamasang [pimp and whorehouse operators in the United States. Commenting on Mina Farah, a source told this correspondent “Mina Farah is the worse example of an individual who does anything for the sake of money, fame, and social status. She also is mad about self-propaganda. People who watch her anti-Bangladesh videos do not know the hidden and untold stories of her private life. In brief, she is a genuine bitch with extremely polluted character and she has no morale at all”.

    Mina Farah a former Hindu hailing from Sherpur district in Bangladesh who was raped by one of the war criminals named Kamruzzaman along with other members of her family. According to information, Mina Rani Saha was living with her parents at their family home at Nayani Bazar in the Sherpur district. In 1970 she appeared in Secondary School Certificate examination from Sherpur Government Girls School. During the 1971 war of independence of Bangladesh, a group of collaborators of Pakistani occupation forces stormed into the house of Mina’s father Surendra Mohan Saha, a businessman, and raped all the female members of the family including Mina Rani Saha. Collaborator and war criminal Kamruzzaman and his gang did not even spare the children of that Hindu family. Following this incident, despite being raped along with all the family members, Mina Rani Saha began romantic relations with Kamruzzaman and sought his help in fleeing to India with all the family members. According to information, prior to their fleeing to India, war criminal Kamruzzaman helped his girlfriend Mina Rani Saha in getting abortion. On April 10, 1971, the entire family of Surendra Mohan Saha fled to India with the help of war criminal Kamruzzaman. After the independence of Bangladesh, Surendra Mohan Saha returned to Bangladesh in Janurary 1971 and Mina Rani Saha later graduated from Dhaka Dental College. During her studies in Dhaka Dental College, Mina Rani Saha began romantic relations with a Muslim student and in 1980 she went to the United States with her boyfriend without informing her parents or family members.

    Months after arriving in the US, Mina Rani Saha abandoned her Muslim boyfriend and started making money by trapping various individuals into a romantic trap. Each time she established sexual relations and later started blackmailing her victims with false cases of sexual harassment or rape and extracted a large sums of cash. Her first victim was the employer at McDonald, against whom Mina brought allegations of rape and later settled the matter in exchange for US$20 thousand. Subsequently, she applied similar tricks with majority of the employers in 13 various companies.

    After some years, Mina Rani Saha established romantic relations with a Pakistani national and attempted of establishing sexual relations. As her bids failed, Mina later started living with an African youth who taught her the trade of real estate brokerage. When she succeeded in making money from this new trade, Mina once again married a Muslim man named Farhad Reza and got converted to Islam with a new name Mina Rani Farah. Later when she joined Jamaat-e-Islami and was also very much active with Tablighi Jamaat, Mina Rani Farah became Mina Farah from Mina Rani Farah.

    According to credible sources, Mina Farah, in addition to working as a real estate broker and dentist also started taking undue advantage of illegal immigrants and was extracting higher rents from them in exchange for housing. She also became infamous as one of the top members of an insurance fraud racket and in 2001 was blacklisted for her illegal activities of filing false insurance claims.

    During that time, Mina Farah established an organization named ‘Bangla Holocaust & Nazi Research Center’, and claimed that the reason behind founding this organization was to take revenge of been raped by Kamruzzaman and other war criminals.

    In 2009 Mina Farah published a book in Bangla titled ‘Hitler Thhekey Zia’ [From Hitler to Zia]. A local publication house named Charulipi Prokashon published this book. In this book, Mina Farah wrote: “Zia [Major General Ziaur Rahman, founder of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) and one of the key promoters of radical Islam in Bangladesh] is not a freedom fighter. He is an agent of Pakistan and ISI [Inter-Service Intelligence, spy agency of Pakistan]. Zia is so brutal and inhumane that only Hitler is comparable to him”.

    In this book, Mina Farah provided documents and evidence along with 78 points proving Gen Zia as one of the worst-ever individuals in Bangladesh. She also started using extreme abusive words and slang against Zia in various seminars and symposiums. Following the publication of this book, Mina Farah succeeded in getting attention from secularist newspapers in Bangladesh and continued writing opinion editorials mostly against Ziaur Rahman and his party – BNP.

    In 2008 she stole the name from the British television play ‘God on Trial and wrote a book titled ‘God on Trial’. The main theme of this book was criticism of Islam and other religious beliefs. The main reason behind writing this book was her ambition of becoming infamous as Taslima Nasrin.

    Following the landslide victory of the Awami League in 2008 under the magnanimous leadership of Sheikh Hasina, when the government formed War Crime Tribunal and began trying the war criminals, Mina Farah came to Bangladesh and as voluntarily offered to give a stand as a victim witness as a victim of Pakistani occupation forces and war criminal Kamruzzaman. But in 2013, Mina Farah and her family members suspiciously withdrew themselves from the process of standing as witnesses. Later it was revealed that a local wealthy individual and former Zamindar (feudal lord) appointed Mina’s father as caretaker of properties including a Hindu temple. But Mina’s greedy father Surendra Mohan Saha grabbed the entire property, including the temple property. As their bid of selling this property saw legal complications, Mina Farah suddenly changed her color and stepped back from her stand against war criminals and Jamaat-e-Islami.

    According to the Superintendent of Police of Sherpur district, Anisur Rahman, Jamaat-e-Islami helped the family of Mina Farah in getting 20 million takas from this grabbed property although the family was expected 70 million. Being delighted at the help of Jamaat-e-Islami and war criminals, Mina Farah began writing against the International War Crime Tribunal and made frantic bids in saving the war criminals from being punished for their heinous crimes. At this stage, she became a blue-eyed darling of anti-independence newspapers. A notorious Mina Farah also started writing against Hindus and branded them as “cohorts of Awami League”. She also wrote: “The problem of Hindus is that they are spineless, have no religion and trade in religion”. She also wrote that Muslims [read Jamaat-e-Islami and war criminals] noble souls and they [Muslims] cannot commit any offense against Hindus even if they are offered millions of takas”. Being aggrieved at Mina Farah’s anti-Hindu comments, a temple committee in Sherpur district filed a GD [General Diary] with Sherpur Police Station (GD number 1435].

    Mina Farah’s son Shafayet Reza became extremely frustrated at his mother’s continued immoral activities and got addicted to drugs. He also joined Hizbut Tahrir and later got affiliated with Tablighi Jamaat and started preaching Islam, jihad, and religious hatred.

    In 2014, Mina Farah once again started contacting several leaders of Jamaat-e-Islami, including war criminal Mir Kashem Ali and controversial writer and so-called journalist Mahmudur Rahman, and offered them her services as a writer. At this stage, Mir Kashem Ali and Kamruzzaman instructed their men outside the prison to connect with Mina Farah and offer her a monthly fee in exchange for her articles in various newspapers and posts in blogs and social media platforms challenging the trial of war criminals in Bangladesh. Although Mina Farah started working as a propagandist of Jamaat-e-Islami, Pakistan, and war criminals, as the death penalty of Mir Kashem Ali and Kamruzzaman were executed, a frustrated Mina started contacting Tarique Rahman, a convicted fugitive and mini-boss of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) and offered her services in exchange for fees. At the same time, she started an illegal private brothel in the US, where she is offering sex workers from Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Iran, Egypt, Lebanon, Thailand, and India to various clients. She also is running a secret escort service that offers girls’ sex tours.

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