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    Learning from Zendaya and ignoring Kimn – how to wear the trendiest color

    Elle Woods would be happy – her favorite shade this spring is considered the most trendy. But this does not mean that you can, as in childhood, dress up in pink from head to toe! There are just a couple of rules to remember before you update your wardrobe, and we suggest learning from the mistakes of others.

    As soon as we saw the Valentino spring-summer collection, we immediately understood: this amazingly rich and fresh shade will become the main trend of the season.

    In the foreign press, this color is called hot pink, in our country – fuchsia. Of course, designers have used it in their collections before, but it was Pierpaolo Piccioli who made it so deliberate, immodest, defiant. From one look at his collection, one could feel nostalgia for Madonna of the Material Girl era – luxurious, uninhibited, moderately spoiled by her own perfection.

    Now Madonna and Marilyn Monroe’s style is back on trend and has stars and fashion icons outfitting their wardrobes with hot pink clothes and shoes. But not everyone did it well. Here, for example, is our favorite Kim Kardashian, who, like a weather vane, instantly turns for fashion trends and who now often skids on corners. Her love for illegally tight catsuits is already well known to us, as well as the desire to add velvet, floral print, or all at once to the image. Once upon a time, a dress with such a floral pattern was called an upholstery from a sofa, but, apparently, the past was forgotten, and Kim again combined an extra-bright color with an extra-dubious print in an extra-tight jumpsuit. Too many extra.


    She later corrected herself. What fashion lesson did the Kardashian beauty teach us? When choosing a hit color (especially neon or just very bright), you should not mix it with noticeable textures. The look will run from detail to detail, because of the whole effect will be lost. Another thing is a minimalistic look with leggings turning into over the knee boots, a top without accessories and a plain jacket.

    There are no complaints about Zendaya. And what can be the claims to the outfit, which was assembled by Pierpaolo Picciolli himself? Again we observe the same fashion trick that Kim guessed about: total monochrome without defiant details looks stylish and expensive. Even the flowers on Zendaya’s trousers look organic: the eye “clings” only to them, since nothing else distracts from them.

    So Kate Middleton fell into the category of fashionable A students. Of course, stylists help the duchess, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that she looks just fine lately. Catherine could not ignore the main color of the season and also went out in a fuchsia dress. A minimum of finishing, a fairly simple cut – everything is as it should be. The sheen of the fabric does not spoil the picture at all and only emphasizes the solemnity of the event. Yes, and Kate is not a blunder – she knows: the more complex the texture, the more muted it is worth choosing a shade.

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