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    Five of our famous ladies who confirm that an apple doesn’t fall far from a tree – Just like mom

    All children more or less resemble their parents. Celebrities are no exception. But in addition to attractive physical characteristics, these famous ladies also inherited their mother’s “nose” for the job.

    Bojana Gregoric Vejzovic is a celebrated Croatian theater, television, and film actress. She inherited her acting talent from her mother Božidarka Frajt, who in her long and fruitful career recorded numerous memorable roles and received prestigious awards for them.

    Although she began her acting career in theater, she gained a great reputation for her film roles, from the main one in Tomislav Radić ‘s 1972 film “Living Truth” , for which she was awarded the Golden Arena at the Pula Film Festival, and Kreso Golik’s “Ljubica” until his performance in the acclaimed thriller “Rhythm of Crime” by Zoran Tadić and the film “Washed” by Zrinko Ogresta.

    In the eighties of the last century, while the career of Bozidarka Frajt was flourishing, Slavica Radic took her first modeling steps. The young woman from Rijeka was working on her fashion book in Italy when she met Bernie Ecclestone.


    Although she didn’t want to give him a chance at first, she eventually fell in love with him and became Slavica Ecclestone. Married to the head of Formula 1, she had two daughters – Tamara and Petra, who followed in their mother’s footsteps before devoting themselves to motherhood and their private entrepreneurial projects.

    Croatian influencer Ella Dvornik-Pearce, Sarah Josipovic from her mother Suzy, and Maja Lena Lopatny from Mija Begovic inherited the entrepreneurial “gene” from their mother Danijela.

    See what all the famous ladies look like in their mom in our photo gallery at the beginning of the text.

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