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That’s why it’s so important for the model to speak out about her mental health issues now

Bella Hadid is known for sharing her life with her fans in near real-time. Apparently always in a good mood, the model gives his fans daily insights into her glamorous life between the catwalk, photoshoots, celebrity parties, and quality time with family and friends. And then – between selfies, outfit pics, holiday and party snapshots – the beauty published a photo series in November that showed her not beaming with joie de vivre, but at the absolute lowest point: namely, in tears and visibly exhausted. In an emotional interview, Bella now speaks unembellished and absolutely honest about her mental problems and the pressure to always be perfect. We think Bella Hadid’s confession comes at just the right time.

Bella Hadid: The model was really that bad

Life in the fast lane? Maybe, but not without ups and downs: Bella Hadid confessed to the “Wall Street Journal” that she had cried almost every day and night for the past few years. Hadid says she has struggled with depression and severe panic attacks since she was a teenager. The past two Corona years seem to be their mental problems to have fueled. “I had bad periods of depression. […] I was in excruciating, debilitating mental and physical pain.” Why does she not only let her loved ones, but also her 49 million followers look deep into her psyche? To encourage: According to the younger of the two Hadid sisters, it was becoming increasingly difficult not to tell her fans about her “personal truth”.

Bella Hadid: Routines help the model through difficult times

Not only does Bella Hadid join other celebrities like Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, or recently Camila Cabello, who have also gone public with their mental health problems in the past: she also speaks openly and in exceptional detail about her personal healing process and is motivated thus other people to work on themselves and their own psyche. Illnesses of the soul are no longer taboo in celebrity circles. We are convinced: About mental health, if you can’t talk enough, every outing can save lives. Therapy should not be taboo, but the rule – especially in such uncertain and frightening times when many people feel isolated and lonely. Bella’s candor and advice come at just the right time. Her message: It’s okay to feel bad. Better times are coming too. Nobody is alone.

Bella Hadid sets an example with her open words and shows that even apparently perfect people with mental problems struggle. So she talks to the “Wall Street Journal” about how life in the superficially flawless fashion scene has affected her: no fixed working hours, last-minute changes to plans, numerous trips alone. All of this not only affected the model physically (in 2012 the 25-year-old was diagnosed with Lyme disease) but above all mentally and negatively affected her private life, she says in an interview. By 2022, she plans to pay more attention to her health again and have a firmer routine to integrated into their everyday life. “I now know that my body is my temple and that the routines I have in the mornings – especially Monday mornings – can help me.”

We can glean that from Bella Hadid’s morning routine

In-home office times that seem to never end ( a challenge for some, a blessing for others), fixed routines can’t hurt – on the contrary. We look at the following tricks from Bella Hadid :

A normal working day at Bella Hadid starts around eight o’clock. Important: The first minutes of the day belongs only to her. That means: Don’t look at your smartphone! Instead, the top model writes a diary and starts the day with a gratitude meditation. If she has time, she goes to the gym afterward. What Bella loves most: Boxing, Pilates or just going for a long walk. “It’s important to me that it’s fun and doesn’t feel too difficult,” said Hadid.

Then Bella puts together an outfit that lifts her spirits and in which she feels absolutely comfortable. Hard to believe, but there were times when the fashion icon didn’t dare to wear what she really wanted because of her depression. “Now I don’t care if people like my style. […] When I leave the house in the morning, I only ask myself: Does my look make me happy? This is important.”

Another habit that has no place in Bella Hadid’s life in 2022: alcohol. The model has been strictly abstaining from alcohol for over six months as it aggravated her panic attacks. At parties, she uses non-alcoholic cocktails instead. In 2021 she even became a co-founder of “Kin Euphorics”. The company makes non-alcoholic drinks.

Bella Hadid: This is how the model is now

Bella seems to be doing better now. But she makes it clear: “Mental health is not linear, but more like a roller coaster with ups, downs, and changes of sides,” says the model. “I have good days […]. But tomorrow I could wake up and feel the complete opposite.” Her courageous Instagram post was a turning point for her and a step in the right direction: “When I remember that so many people are going through something similar, I feel better.”

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