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    Iman Muminovic is a model and future dentist – I make people smile

    Twenty-two-year-old Sarajka Iman Muminovic, a model and student at the Faculty of Dentistry in Sarajevo, is successfully and simultaneously building a fashion career in her free time, because, as she points out, she loves and enjoys working in front of the camera.

    The first shot

    – The love for modeling was created back in 2013 when I arranged my first photoshoot and actually saw that I was simply there and that there was a mutual love between me and the camera – Muminovic told us.

    Our model lives on the route between our country and Italy, where there are often fashion shoots in Milan.

    – I was born and raised in Sarajevo, but Italy has always been my great love and the place where I spent the days of my childhood. Since I have many friends and family there, I consider Italy my second homeland – admits the BiH beauty.

    She points out that she is very attracted to the Italian approach to fashion.

    – Italian women are quite simple women, with a minimalist but unique fashion expression, while our culture is more extravagant, which is reflected in the BiH fashion style. I prefer the Italian expression of fashion and I am guided by the motto – less is more.

    Two occupations

    Our beauty connected dentistry and modeling in an interesting way.

    – I always knew that I wanted to do dentistry, while modeling found me and I responded to that call. People who know me know that I am always a smiling and cheerful person, both in pictures and behind the camera. Maybe that’s what connects my two professions because, in addition to wanting to make people laugh, I want to be able to fix their smiles tomorrow – admits Muminovic.

    He believes that prejudice and negative comments always come with success and beauty, but that he tries to live his life respecting the criticism of only people whose opinions he values.

    – As for fashion campaigns, I would like to be a model for “Dior”. I also want to one day appear on the cover of the Vogue fashion magazine. When it comes to free time, considering that I was a ballerina for fifteen years, dancing is also one of the ways of my escape from reality – adds Iman.

    A desire born of fear

    – My desire to become a dentist just started from my fear of dentists, but thanks to my wonderful dentists, that fear soon disappeared. So I sincerely hope that I will be the one who will help people to suppress their fear and simply be carefree – Muminovic tells us.

    Latest Posts


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