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    Places and situations where leggings should not be worn

    Most of us adore leggings because they are extremely comfortable and we would prefer to wear them at any time of the day, but fashion experts warn that in some situations they are by no means an appropriate piece of clothing.

    1. A major fashion offense is considered to be wearing leggings on your own and in daily occasions in combination with thong panties. The intimate parts of the body should still be protected from view.

    2. They are not suitable garments for the job. Wearing them on business occasions is tolerated only when they are “hidden” under skirts, dresses, and high boots.

    3. Wearing leggings on festive occasions is strictly forbidden. Weddings or special dinners, any occasions that require a formal dress code, and more sophisticated clothing are not situations in which we should reach for leggings.

    4. They should never be worn to a funeral. It is a situation in which it is necessary to show maximum respect for the deceased and his family. Wearing suggestive garments like leggings simply sends the wrong message, even though it wasn’t intended at all.

    5. Avoid carrying them to cultural institutions. Just like festive occasions such as weddings, going to the theater, museum, art gallery or any similar cultural institution, they simply ask you for a more formal clothing combination, and leggings can by no means be classified as formal pieces.

    Latest Posts


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