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    This is how you wear the elegant and comfortable classic shoe in autumn 2021

    This is how you wear the elegant and comfortable classic shoe in autumn 2021

    Elegant, timeless, and also comfortable: Slingbacks are the classic shoe that should not be missing in any wardrobe. We’ll tell you what exactly slingbacks are, how versatile you can combine the Wardrobe Essential, and where you can find the latest trend models for every budget for after-shopping

    How to wear the timeless slingbacks in autumn 2021

    “Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world.” If we had to commit ourselves to one pair of shoes after this quote, it would be slingback pumps. Whether suitable for everyday use with jeans or elegant with a dress: the shoes take every outfit to the next level and are therefore the perfect day-to-night shoes. They are the best choice if you are out all day and still want to wear heels. We explain to you what slingbacks are exactly, which models of shoes are available and how you can best combine them.
    What are slingbacks?

    Slingbacks are among the sandals. Their characteristic feature is the shaft, which turns into a narrow strip at the heel. That is why slingbacks are often described in German as strappy pumps. The adjustable or elastic strap of the pump surrounds the open heel and provides the necessary support when worn.

    the most beautiful trend models for after-shopping

    These are the trend models for autumn 2021

    Trend # 1: Slingbacks with kitten heels

    If you don’t feel like high heels and sore feet, but would still like to wear the little confidence boost of a heel, you should choose the trendy kitten heels. While the three to five centimeters high heels were considered stuffy until a few years ago, they are more popular today than ever. Thanks to the low heel, they are much more comfortable and suitable for everyday use, but at least as chic as pumps.

    Trend # 2: glamorous variant

    Those who are after the past year a little more after glamor and glitter will get their money’s worth with this trend. Slingbacks with brooches adorned with rhinestones or glitter applications are the new shoe must-haves. The crystal-studded slingback sandals by shoe designer Amina Muaddi are currently shining on the feet of stars and fashion influencers: like Rihanna, Hailey Bieber, and Leonie Hanne.

    Trend # 3: slingback ballerinas

    Ballerinas are making their comeback this year. This trend is taken to extremes by the sling ballerinas with heel straps. The flat alternative to slingback pumps is just as versatile as classic ballerinas.

    Trend # 4: Edgy Sling-Pumps


    Slingbacks are honest? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! The new models are super edgy, for example with an extremely pointed toe cap and a sleek design.

    The history of the slingback had

    its origins in the 1930s and its breakthrough came from the classic shoe Coco Chanel. In 1957 she showed the iconic two-tone slingback for the first time, which with its color-contrasting tip makes the foot appear shorter and is intended to visually stretch the legs. The slingback pump has just as cult status as the little black one. It used to be worn by style icons such as Bridget Bardot and Jackie Kennedy, but today it makes the hearts of fashion lovers beat faster.

    This is how we combine elegant shoes now

    Outfit # 1: Slingback pumps + denim


    In addition to a well-cut blazer and straight-leg jeans, slingbacks should not be missing in the French autumn wardrobe. Fashion influencer Lorna Humphrey skilfully directs your gaze to her two-tone slingbacks through cropped jeans that leave the ankles exposed.

    Outfit # 2: slingback shoes + skirt


    Influencer Pernille Teisbaek relies on color and combines her sporty slingbacks with a trendy mini skirt. The cozy knitted sweater makes the outfit suitable for autumn. In addition, we would style a long beige trench coat and an orange baguette bag.

    Outfit # 3: Kitten Heels + Puff Sleeves


    Designer Marie Sander Persson skilfully plays with the different silhouettes of the wide blouse and the pointed slingbacks. We love the contrast between the sporty heels and the playful puff sleeves.

    Outfit # 4: slingbacks + dress


    Influencer Grace Surguy chooses a pair of simple slingback heels with very fine straps for her elegant evening dress, which perfectly complements her velvet dress.

    Outfit # 5: Slingbacks + suit pants


    For the business look, which is anything but stuffy, we are styling slingbacks this autumn under our loose-suit trousers. This combination looks particularly cool when only the tip peeks out from under the hem of the wide pants.

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