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    Queen Rania celebrated her 51st birthday – I have only one wish

    The charismatic lady, who has moved many borders and brought the Middle East closer to the rest of the world, celebrated her birthday with her closest friends.

    On the last day of August, the most beautiful queen in the world celebrated her 51st birthday. Rania from Jordan did not organize a big party this year either, not only because she respected the measures against the pandemic, but also because she was never a supporter of pompous events.

    The modest wife of King Abdullah II has every reason to be happy, especially a large and healthy family, but she used this “birthday moment” to once again draw attention to serious problems in her part of the planet, from the conflict in the Gaza Strip to the current crisis in Afghanistan. . It also touched on a global enemy, the Corona virus.

    On the occasion of the birthday, new photos arrived from the royal palace in Amman. Rania’s portrait was made in Aqaba, the largest port in Jordan, which played an important role in ancient times. It is located deep in the Red Sea Gulf, not far from the border with Israel and Saudi Arabia. The queen toured the city in the south of the country to check how the population there is coping with the pandemic, which is flare up again. She used the opportunity to point out to the international community the escalation of social and gender inequality due to the progress of the disease. Namely, the closure of the world did not pass without consequences: many lost their jobs, children did not go to school, which brought into question the continuation of education, and the greatest sacrifice was made, and is being made, by women.

    – We are all fighting a pandemic together, not against each other. The economy is suffering great blows, but we must think of those who are the most vulnerable – she pointed out in a speech at a forum, where she promoted a vaccination program with her foundation.

    The charismatic lady, who has moved many borders and brought the Middle East closer to the rest of the world, celebrated her birthday among her closest ones.

    – I don’t like being the center of attention. And as a child, I rarely threw parties because my birthday falls at the time of the holidays, when my friends were on vacation. Now that date means a chance for me to be home with the kids. Is there a better way to spend the day? When I blow out the candles, I am usually surprised by how many there are – Queen Rania joked.

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