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    I don’t understand people’s interest in other people’s lives, it ruined my career – Vlatka Pokos

    Vlatka Pokos has been living in Canada for almost five years, and in an interview with Media, she revealed that it was difficult for her when she arrived in that country.

    “It was extremely difficult for me, both financially and emotionally, but now I already feel quite at home and safe. Canada gives you the opportunity to ensure a beautiful existence with your own honest work, something that, unfortunately, is an unattainable category in the Balkans “, said Vlatka.

    She said she is fully committed to the job, and the situation with the coronavirus pandemic, she says, has confirmed to her the importance of living and enjoying the moment. Vlatka started her career as a singer in Silver Wings, and later worked as a presenter. He claims that she did not stop doing that job of her own free will.

    “I just couldn’t get a job on any television or radio station. Why, I will never understand that. Over the years, it has become very difficult and insecure to live solely from gigs and I made the decision to leave. I felt harassed and humiliated, and after my unfortunate divorce I was exposed to public torture, ridicule, and pity. I am a very proud and hardworking person and I don’t need anyone’s pity, “she said.

    “I don’t understand people’s sick interest in other people’s lives because I don’t have such motives myself. It ruined my career and it was never my will for people to write about my private life. They all made fun of each other and threw mud at me, and at the same time called me by very ugly names, which they still do today. I learned that I would never again allow any man to manage my life and career. I don’t trust men. After the divorce, I was practically alone for 14 years, except for a few unimportant affairs. And I believe it will stay that way. I am happy “, she concluded.


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