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    How much will the iPhone 13 cost?

    The price of the latest and most anticipated device from Apple could be adversely affected by the global shortage of chips.

    One of the biggest issues with the iPhone 13 concerns its price. Rumors so far have mentioned that we will have to set aside the same amount for the new iPhone as last year, but the latest information dictates that the new device could be much more expensive.

    The announcement comes from Media, a source that, it is true, has had a fairly large series of missed predictions related to new Apple devices to date. MacRumors cites them citing the increased price of components produced by Apple’s TSMC supplier. The company has reportedly raised chip prices by 20 percent since January, meaning Apple will have to take steps to protect its earnings.

    Techradar mentions that because of all this the new iPhone will have to pay more. How much? Nobody knows.

    The only thing we are sure of is that, as is the case with other sought-after electronics, the latest representative of Apple’s popular phone line will somehow feel the impact of the global corona crisis.

    The lack of components also affects Google, which will sell the new Pixel 5a exclusively in the USA and Japan.

    If analysts are to be believed, the iPhone 13 will arrive on time – it will be announced on September 14, while pre-orders will start on September 17. What could happen unlike last year is that the device, instead of being late, will just be a bit more expensive.

    With the hope that the price increase will not happen, we believe in a much better 2022, when Apple, with a little luck, could have much better conditions for the iPhone 14.

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