Sunday, April 14, 2024

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    Windows 10 Warning – Do not allow anyone to approach your PC!

    The latest threat is frighteningly simple, because hackers can take complete control of a computer by simply turning on accessories, such as a mouse.

    Windows 10 users are on standby because a new bug has been discovered that could give anyone full access to a computer just by turning on a Razer mouse.

    The bug was discovered by a researcher named “jonhat” who noticed that it was easy to access the highest level of permissions in Windows 10 when the Razer device was first plugged in. When the mouse is placed on the USB port, Windows 10 automatically starts running Razer Synapse software to make it easier to connect things. This aims to open access to the system for a short time while it is being installed, but he found that it was easy to change things and enable, with knowledge and experience, full access to system privileges, writes

    It’s as serious as anyone can target the bug, and then be able to change settings, passwords, and even install software, including malware. Razer is one of the most popular hardware companies on the planet with its special design stamp of peripherals that have already become part of the global gaming community.

    Latest Posts


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