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    Wealthy men prefer small breasts.

    When it comes to bra size, many women with large breasts often envy women with small breasts, and women with small breasts envy women with large breasts. But if you believe the science – it seems that the feeling of jealousy is completely justified for one of them, and for women with lush busts.

    Namely, according to the research of two British sociologists, rich men prefer small breasts. According to their explanation, poor men are more attracted to women with large breasts because those breasts prove that the woman who owns them has better access to things like food and other resources.

    On the other side of the coin, rich men think that women with small breasts are much more attractive than women with large breasts because they do not lack financial or other resources, reports Media

    One of the Hollywood actresses who did not follow the trend of breast augmentation is Kate Hudson, and despite that, she is one of the sex symbols of today.

    Latest Posts


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