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    Singer Danijel Alibabic got married for the second time

    Singer Danijel Alibabic got married for the second time today and said a fateful “yes” to his chosen one Olivera Bibi Barovic.

    This beautiful council was shared by Daniel’s colleague, Amal Cemal Cemo, who posted it on Instagram.

    – My kittens, let everything be exactly as you two are, wonderful, wonderful, most wonderful. Good luck, I love you – Cemo wrote.

    By the way, this is Alibabic’s second marriage. In 2013, during his participation in the reality show, he met the model Jovana Nikolic, with whom he appeared before the registrar a few months later. At that time, 400 guests attended their wedding, however, that marriage did not survive.

    The divorce followed after only three months of marriage, Jovana returned to her native Nis, after which she decided to live in Belgrade and started working in a fast-food restaurant where she sold burgers, writes

    Latest Posts


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