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    Kardashian and other stars, whose outfits are being bought up a minute after the release

    Among the stars and monarchs, there are real trendsetters: as soon as they walk a new outfit, they are immediately sold out. Among the most influential people are Kim Kardashian and her younger sister Kylie Jenner, Boris Johnson’s wife Carrie, and, of course, Kate Middleton, who took over from Meghan Markle after Megzit. The mission is to do it in 60 seconds. This is exactly how much it takes to get a celebrity outfit!

    Kim Kardashian

    Kim Kardashian has long been using her trend-setting superpower for her own purposes. The reality star has built an empire from her own brand of shapewear and homeware. More than 240 million Instagram followers buy up the brand’s modeling products in less than a minute. The competition is fierce, especially since the average cost of a product is 74 pounds (about 7,500 rubles).

    Carrie Johnson

    The wife of British Prime Minister Boris Jones Carrie also found a place in the sun in the fashionable Olympus. Lady Jones supports the fashion awareness and environmental movement. Therefore, even to her own wedding dress is not bought and rented a, he said of The of Sun.

    It was the famous Christos Costarellos for 2,870 pounds (about 291,150 rubles), the rent of which cost only 4,570 rubles. Within 24 hours, there were a record number of requests for this particular dress, and on the platforms, there was a total sold-out.

    Meghan Markle

    Prior to Megzit, Meghan Markle led the top most influential celebrities in the fashion industry. The real sales record-holder was the Strathberry bag, which she walked in Nottingham in 2017. The accessory for 525 pounds (about 53,300 rubles) literally blew up the Network in just 11 minutes.

    Kylie Jenner

    Young billionaire Kylie Jenner has everything in her wardrobe that one can only dream of. The increased interest among users was, of course, aroused by the fact that you can bathe for some 25 pounds (about 2500 rubles). And this is the dress of the famous mass-market brand, in which she appeared at one of the events in 2016. Just a day – and this model flew like hotcakes.

    Kate Middleton

    The style of Kate Middleton attracts increased attention: someone accuses the Duchess of copying the images of Princess Diana, someone sees in her the heroine of “Sex and the City” Carrie Bradshaw, and someone himself takes an example from her. The monarch has many outfits that have become iconic. However, Issa’s Navy dress sold out in exactly 5 minutes. 39,000 rubles on the price tag did not bother anyone.

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