Thursday, April 18, 2024

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    Kanye West released the album “Donda” with more than 30 days delay

    After the delay, Kanye West released a new studio album “Donda” on streaming services.

    He organized several parties where guests could hear some of the songs, and at the last count they also soaked up Marilyn Manson, DaBaby and Kim in a wedding dress.

    The album also includes Jay-Z, The Weeknd, Young Thuga, Jay Electronice, The Loxa, Travis Scott …

    There are 27 songs on Spotify’s playlist. The song “Jail pt. 2,” which was done with DaBaby, is listed but not yet available.

    The reason is that his manager allegedly did not approve it.

    “Donda” was originally supposed to be released on July 22nd.

    Vest lived for a while at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta to complete work on the album before holding his final party in Chicago on Thursday.

    Despite the fact that Kim and Kanye filed for divorce back in February, she performed at this event.

    Kanye West’s latest album “Jesus is King” won a Grammy, and was released in 2019,

    Latest Posts


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