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    An unusual trick – Speed ​​up your old iPhone in seconds

    Apple automatically limits the speed of older iPhones, but this can be bypassed with one amazing trick.

    Apple automatically limits the speed of older iPhones, but this can be bypassed with one amazing trick.

    iPhone fans have been complaining for years that Apple has deliberately reduced performance on older models of its phones. The fact that you have an expensive device that works slower as you put it on can be really frustrating.

    However, Apple announced that it intends to prevent unexpected shutdowns due to older batteries, which the company, according to its announcement, is trying to stop.

    Reducing the performance of the phone puts less strain on the battery and avoids overloading it, which is becoming more likely as the lithium-ion battery starts to age. In any case, this is a big problem for Apple users and it is not surprising that they are desperately looking for a solution.

    Now, with the help of Reddit users and their hacking trick, the life of iPhone users could be a little easier.

    The solution to the problem seems to be to speak a little French. If not otherwise, then by setting your region to France in the phone settings. You will find the change in the Settings application, under “General”. Touch “Language and region”, then select France as your region and you’re done.

    And it really works, according to sources from several sites that have tried it, reports

    A geekBench test on the iPhone 7 revealed that the performance of the phone jumped significantly, showing that the CPU runs faster when set to France.

    What’s the secret? Let’s go back to 2020, when France fined Apple a whopping 25 million euros for limiting the performance of older iPhones. Since iOS 10.2, the operating system has limited the maximum performance of older devices, supposedly to consume less battery – which is further stated, sometimes even leading to the shutdown of the device.

    While other countries have allowed the IT giant to get through in that field as well, the French have forced the company to turn off that feature for users in the country.

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