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    Which bra color do you wear under white clothes?

    A common misconception among women is that you cannot see white underwear under white clothing. But not true! We’ll reveal which color to choose instead – and it’s not what you expect!

    The white blouse or white t-shirt are basics that we can combine in different ways over and over again. However, the perfect look also includes the right underwear, which in the best case scenario is invisible. But what color do you wear under white so that it doesn’t show through? It’s hard to believe, but it’s actually red underwear! The better the shade of red matches your skin color, the less you can see the bra under a white top.

    • For lighter skin types, the colors nude, pink, and light red are particularly suitable.
    • Darker types should prefer reds like Bordeaux.

    Why does white underwear shimmer through?

    As soon as two white layers of fabric meet, an opaque effect is created. Since this differs quite clearly from the skin color, the sheen of white underwear is increased.

    Latest Posts


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