Friday, April 19, 2024

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    The G7 group promised a billion vaccines for the poor

    Germany is responsible for 350 million doses, Merkel said

    The leaders of the G7 group, in a joint statement at the summit in Cornwall, England, agreed to deliver one billion doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to poor countries next year.

    It was decided to work with the private sector, with the G20 group, which includes growing economies, and other countries to increase production and distribution in the coming months.

    The priority is to ensure that we meet the demand for the vaccine and here the EU can take the lead. Partners have now joined us in accelerating vaccine production around the world – European Council President Charles Michel announced on Twitter.

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel has promised that her country will make a ‘big contribution’ to the distribution of vaccines for poor countries.

    Germany is responsible for 350 million doses. In time, that number is likely to be higher, Merkel said on Sunday in the conclusions of the summit of the seven in Cornwall.

    Merkel advocated that vaccines be produced in African countries as well.

    On the last day of the G7 summit in Cornwall, the heads of state and government also focused on climate change.

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