Thursday, June 13, 2024

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    Embla Wigum is a young and promising woman who has achieved great success on social media

    Embla Wigum works full-time on social media and specializes in makeup videos on Tik Tok. Embla is a trained make-up artist and has developed her art form into unconventional and very artistic make-up. It can be assumed that a traditional day in the life of a tick star is unconventional compared to the 9-5 work, but Embla works according to a lot of organization.

    “When you work as much at home as I do, you need organization,” says Embla. She tries to make two videos a day where she creates one make-up before noon and another in the afternoon. “Most days are spent doing make-up looks at home.”

    Embla publishes about one video a day and sometimes makes three with the same make-up. She says making most of the videos takes 4-5 hours, some more and others less. There is a lot of work behind Embla’s social media, which is not surprising as her videos are of high quality.

    Embla likes not to be in a hurry to make the videos and really enjoys creating them and having a good time in the meantime. She works with makeup companies that sponsor the videos and so she manages to do this full time. Embla’s videos have been hugely successful as it has over a million followers on the TikTok program.


    Latest Posts


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