Thursday, June 13, 2024

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    The immunologist explained the severe course of COVID-19 in men

    In women, antibodies destroy viruses faster and easier.

    Due to the influence of sex hormones on the functioning of the immune system, men are more difficult to tolerate coronavirus infection than women.

    “Female sex hormones – estrogens – facilitate the penetration of protective proteins, antibodies, into cells,” said Vladimir Bolibok, an immunologist-allergist. In this regard, in women, antibodies quickly and easily penetrate into the cell and destroy viruses.

    He explained that the state of the inner lining of the vessels affects the course of the disease. So, against the background of coronavirus infection, thrombosis in men develops more often than in women.

    Earlier, Elena Uvarova, the chief specialist-gynecologist of the pediatric and adolescent age of the Ministry of Health, said that men who have had a new type of coronavirus infection may face infertility. She explained that the disease degrades the quality of semen by 38%.

    Latest Posts


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