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    THE STORY OF AL DIN’S SONG: And now they know me by you

    In songs, love is usually glorified. The motif of the ideal darling is most often present, which extends through a song interwoven with the expression of love cries. The dark side of love is often shown, in which one partner is left behind, and with a broken heart, he suffers for the other. Such songs are usually ballads, a slower rhythm in which the vocal characteristics of the performer come to the fore. However, the love relationship is rarely portrayed as a devastating and devastating phenomenon. Not all couples are harmonious. They often have a detrimental effect on each other, but it is rarely sung about. Aldin Kurić, better known as Al Dino, deviated from such a practice in his, now cult, song “And now they know me by you”.

    He released the song on the album “Stariji” in 2005, and with the songs “Kopriva”, “Nikad mi se ne spava”, “Zavjet ljubavi” or “Ismihan” he is one of those who have marked his career so far. Al Dino is the author of both verses and melodies, so the anticipation of autobiographical moments is certainly not without foundation. That dark side of love is masterfully portrayed in this poem.

    What comes to the fore when listening to this song is definitely the feeling of melancholy that is felt in every verse. It cannot be said that a lyrical subject laments because of the end of a love affair. This song is more an acknowledgment to oneself that the relationship that reigned between the partners was anything but fruitful, inspiring, and purposeful. On the contrary, there was a stone around the necks of both of them. It’s mutual guilt. The lyrical subject became aware of that, and thus got rid of the mentioned discipline.

    And that is love. You should not run away from it, but you should be honest with yourself and your partner. How much love and emotion inspires him, Al Dino once confirmed with the words:

    – Love has been an inexhaustible topic of all artists and people in general since the beginning of the world. That love story will never end. There will always be an inspiration if it is sung about love or say human stupidity. These are endless expanses. I still write about love and I like to make songs full of deep emotions.

    A ballad without suffering and pain, but full of emotion. A really rare phenomenon in music creation. The procedure that Al Dino applied is really unique, and perhaps the decisive reason why the song does not lose its relevance. Her lifespan of some 13 years is not the most impressive possible figure, but in those 13 years, this song has not lost its freshness in the slightest. We are witnessing the growth of one evergreen…

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