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    The Croatian singer cannot pay for his daughter’s studies

    Directing is also a big problem for me, says Alen Vitasovic

    Speculations that alcohol could be banned in Croatia as an epidemiological measure angered singer Alen Vitasovic (52).

    – They destroyed musicians and artists, and now they will destroy caterers. People will …….. It doesn’t make sense anymore – says Vitasovic. He hasn’t performed in months. Specifically, he doesn’t remember the last time he had a gig.

    – I forgot. It’s not a problem in me, but I have nowhere to perform – he complained, and they write 24 hours a day.

    He admits that he is mentally very ill.

    – I’m terrible. I’ve been on stage since I was five, I’ve done nothing in my life except sing and play. I’m having a hard time. The state and the whole world are zero – says Allen.

    He shortens his time by recording new songs.

    – I forget all that shit … because it’s hard. I have no income – Allen admitted.

    He manages, he says, in all sorts of ways.

    – I always sew something. But that is not my satisfaction. I want to be on stage. I haven’t performed since March – Allen recalled the last gig.

    – My son works, and my daughter is in high school. More or less mom helps her. I live modestly, I have always lived that way. Nothing was difficult for me financially, I am not a materialist, but I cannot afford to pay for my studies. Directing is also a big problem for me – says Allen.

    He lives in a family house in Orbanici.

    – I’m not the only one, most of the singers, 90 percent of us, are pu …… Except for these most popular ones who have earned big numbers and have some savings – says Allen.

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