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    The beautiful singer complained-I am humiliated because I am innocent at 28 years old

    I was completely humiliated, shocked, and appalled, the beauty said

    Singer Eli Brooke ( Ally Brooke ) built her career as a member of the band “Fifth Harmony”, and now in an honest interview, she admitted that at the age of 28 she is still a virgin and stated that she will stay that way until marriage.

    – I am really happy that I was able to share it with my fans and readers and show them the decision I made, and let them accept it however they want – she says and adds that she has encountered numerous condemnations from individuals because of that.

    There were, she points out, moments when people would make fun of her or disbelieve her.

    – I just have to have it in my heart, know my truth, and just let it be the way it is. It’s an amazing feeling when you see someone respect that. I never felt any pressure – said Eli.

    The ex-boyfriends did not put pressure on her and respected her decision. However, at work she became a victim of real ridicule, reports Blic.

    – I was completely humiliated, shocked, and horrified. I didn’t feel I had any power to do anything about it, because unfortunately at the time people knew about these things, but they didn’t really do much to prevent it – the singer says for “Hollywood Raw” and adds:

    – People were not held accountable for their actions. So I just felt so helpless and alone. Just humiliation and even fear. What could I do then? I was just a little girl in a group and all these people had power.

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