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    Stanija saw Christian, revealed the details: I’m afraid one of his people is following me

    The two have been in conflict for five years

    Although they were supposed to face the judge, the meeting between Stanija Dobrojevic and Kristijan Golubovic did not take place in the end, although the starlet came to Serbia from America precisely because of that.

    – I was supposed to come to Serbia from America only next week, but I arrived earlier because I had a hearing scheduled for Friday. I wanted to testify even though I knew that Christian would come to the prosecution the same day, but when I saw him, I didn’t care. I asked the competent authorities to postpone my hearing through a lawyer because I did not want to meet him – Stanija told “Informer”.

    • I’ll tell the prosecutor everything I have next week. I am scared for my life because I am used to moving freely on the street. People love me, I go to the market and walk normally, and now I have to turn around because I am afraid that one of his friends will follow me. But then, I don’t want to talk much about Kristijan Golubović until I give my statement to the police – she added.

    – I gave a statement that we act and talk about everything in order to raise the rating. The pomp arose that someone would kill Stanija Dobrojević for no reason. You know what I am like when my eyelids fall at the table, I catch and slap some nonsense, the rating rises and that’s how I earn money – said Kristijan Golubović, as reported by the mentioned daily.

    • They told me that I should attend her hearing next week to see that I did not mean it seriously and that I would not kill her – Golubovic concluded.

    The two have been in conflict for five years since the reality show “Farm 5” when Golubovic demanded Dobrojevic to give him 12,000 euros because he allegedly organized his voters to vote for her. After she paid him the money, the truce lasted for three months, and then Kristijan revealed that he allegedly had an intimate relationship with Stanija, to which she retaliated by claiming that his daughter was allegedly not his child, for which he threatened to kill her in “Cooperative 4”.

    Latest Posts


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