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    More than 5,000 dead dogs, cats, rabbits and other pets found in warehouse

    They were in boxes inside a logistics center in China. The organization that carried out the rescue estimates that the animals received neither water nor food for five days.

    Around 5,000 dogs, cats, rabbits, and other pets were found dead inside boxes at a logistics warehouse in China’s Henan province. Apparently, the animals were bought on the Internet and died after staying at the facility for almost a week, local media reports.

    Rescuers found the remains on September 22 along with other live animals, saving approximately 50 dogs and cats and 200 rabbits. “We have done rescues before, but this was the first time I experienced something so tragic,” Dan, a volunteer with Utopia Animal Rescue, told SCMP.

    It is estimated that the shipment of the animals took place between September 16 and 17 and the truck driver that was transporting them allegedly abandoned them at the site due to the refusal of the logistics offices to accept the shipment of living beings. The NGO in charge of the rescue estimates that the pets received neither food nor water for five days.

    “When we got there, there were several small mountains of boxes that contained animals. Many of them were dead and had begun to rot and give off terrible smells,” the volunteer described the scene they found at the scene.

    China’s postal law prohibits the transport of live animals through the courier system. However, the local press assures that pets are often transported this way illegally and in unsafe conditions.

    Due to the imprinted stamp found on the boxes, the logistics company involved is believed to be Yunda Express. However, a company spokesperson denied the allegations, claiming that the boxes were shipped in previous orders and were reused this time without their consent.

    Finally, Dan insisted on the need to prohibit the transport of live animals by this means and their sale online. He also commented that the rescued pets are being treated with vitamins and glucose “in the hope that they can survive.”

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