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    How to get a good night’s sleep

    Normal “insomnia” does not last longer than 48 hours and is not accompanied by serious physiological and psychological changes

    Uninterrupted sleep is the basis of health. But these interruptions often ruin the night and make us look tired in the morning, not at all ready for daily obligations. Still, we can deal with them.

    External cause

    As soon as we find out their causes, we are ready to defeat them. Sleep disorders become more common with age and occur more often in women than in men. Insomnia is the most common sleep disorder. 30 to 45 percent of adults suffer from insomnia. Apart from insomnia, sleep rhythm disorders are also common, and somnambulism, ie sleepwalking and night terrors, are also found to a lesser extent. In rare cases, narcolepsy, a chronic sleep disorder accompanied by excessive drowsiness and sudden sleep attacks, also occurs.

    It is normal and not so rare for a person not to sleep for some reason or to sleep worse. Even the slightest external cause, a change in temperature and basic pressure, a change of place of residence or bed, can disturb sleep. In that case, one should not be forced to sleep at any cost.

    “Normal” insomnia does not last longer than 48 hours and is not accompanied by serious physiological and psychological changes. As soon as the cause is removed, sleep quickly returns to normal. The problem is insomnia which lasts longer.

    Sick liver

    Reactive, frequent insomnia affects those who struggle with a diseased liver, and kidneys, who have problems with the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, as well as psychiatric patients. This type of insomnia is characterized by difficulty falling asleep, and frequent early morning awakenings. Sleep is interrupted and torn, and the person wakes up tired and moody.

    It is important for the health

    In order for a person to be in a good mood, in a good daily rhythm, and ready to work, he needs enough sleep. Sleep is not a mere break from daily obligations but is necessary for health, mental, and emotional functions. If we do not get enough sleep, many side effects occur. For most people, healthy sleep is synonymous with good health, however, the opposite thesis applies in medicine: sleep will be healthy if the organism is also healthy.

    Sleep apnea

    It is estimated that about five percent of the adult population, more often men than women, is affected by sleep apnea. Each of us can sometimes have apnea, or interruption of breathing during the night in particular, due to great stress, fatigue, alcohol, a heavy dinner just before going to bed, or a cold.

    Apnea can be caused by diseases of the respiratory system, and the use of certain drugs from the group including antidepressants, alcohol, and narcotics. Risk factors are also lifestyles, so smokers are more likely to experience it, and obese people are at greater risk.

    For people with a crooked nasal septum, tonsillitis, and sinusitis, too, interruption of breathing can disrupt sleep.

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