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    A former escort girl has revealed three reasons why men cheat

    Samantha said that some men choose to see escorts of ladies and prostitutes instead of finding mistresses because it is easier for them this way.

    Samantha X (Samantha) worked in the elite escort industry for six years and claims that she got to know men well and their thinking about sex, as well as the reasons why they cheat on their wives and which types they do most often.

    Samantha X warned that men determined to cheat on their wives will always find a way and says that all those she met during her work in the sex industry cheated for one of three possible reasons. She describes herself as an escort lady of high class and the profession exposed her to men from all walks of life and the reasons why they decided to cheat on their partners.

    Working in the industry for six years and bearing the name Samantha X, she explained that those who are determined to cheat will always find the time, no matter how busy they are. She warned that no matter how strong marriage looks and how perfect a family life at home seems, men still wander in numbers high enough for such an industry to flourish even in times of recession, reports the Mirror.

    She said in her experience with married men their reasons for cheating fall into one of three categories. The first is men who have zero relationships with their wives, sometimes for decades, and feel like a walking credit card, but they refuse to leave because they don’t want to lose money or neglect their children.

    Others are those who insist on loving their wives but admit that they just need sexual diversity. And the third are the ones she calls the most complex part of the puzzle – very happily married men, who seem to have no reason to commit adultery.

    Samantha said that some men decide to see escorts of ladies and prostitutes instead of finding mistresses because it is easier for them like this, they have no obligations and they are less likely to be caught. Although they say they don’t want to hurt their partners and ruin their marriage, Samantha points out that she often thinks their wives know, but they close their eyes to the truth so they don’t have to face starting anew.

    – It’s not up to me to judge. If there’s anything I’ve learned while working as an escort, it’s that we don’t live in a perfect world, we’re not perfect people and everyone does what they think is best for them. At first, it was hard for me to understand why happily married men seek sex elsewhere, whether it’s with sex workers (which they’re mostly convinced isn’t a real scam) or they have longtime mistresses. When a person sees all this, he doubts fidelity and love for the rest of his life – she says.

    And men aren’t the only ones cheating, Samantha reveals she also had a lot of clients who came to her after being emotionally devastated by her wife’s adultery.

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