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    They will create a sex museum in Santa Fe with lost objects in hotels accommodation

    The museum will have everything from bicycles to underwear and obviously sex toys that were forgotten by their owners.

    A well-known businessman in the south of Santa Fe will set up space in a temporary shelter, where everything from bicycles and a spare wheel to underwear will be displayed that were left in the temporary shelter that will no longer function as such.

    Sex toys, jewelry, identity documents, credit cards, thongs, panties, boxer shorts, underpants, jackets, T-shirts, three bicycles, and a spare wheel, among other things, can be found in the Museum of Sex that businessman Oscar is preparing Pernigotti, according to what was published by the newspaper.

    Pernigotti always had in mind to make a museum of lost objects. Even when, with an architect, they designed the JR de Firmat motel, which was inaugurated in 1981. “I told him we were going to do it so that tomorrow we can build a museum there. What I had suggested is to do it with that design because the taboo of those years was going to pass as time went by and it was no longer going to be surprising to make a museum in the motel itself with lost objects, ”recalls Oscar.

    Pernigotti owns two emblematic motels in the south of the Santa Fe province. One was opened in 1977, Motel Tabu, in Melincue. And the renowned JR de Firmat, which opened its doors in 1981. He was also the communal president of Melincue in the period 2003-2011.

    “The issue of the motel business suffered variables over time and for many years it is not what it was in other decades,” said Pernigotti.

    “Now we are recycling the service and what was a couples motel today has diversified and become a motel used by commission agents or travelers, entire families and what remains of the couples who continue to use that place, which is the least” added.

    “We have a lot of documents, credit cards, earrings, panties, briefs, or dildos. Everything you can imagine. All these finds are stamped and dated so that at some point they will be exhibited in the museum, ”said Pernigotti.

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