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    They organized a nudist party in France and caught coronavirus

    Of the 800 attendees at the event, 240 tested positive for COVID-19.

    More than two hundred people who went to a party at a nudist complex on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, in France, were infected with the coronavirus. Health authorities required visitors to the resort to wear masks and respect social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

    The incident occurred in the pool on the terrace of the Cap d’Agde hotel, a huge circular modernist building that is located next to the beach. There the event was organized with more than 800 attendees, according to the BBC. Of that total, 30% contracted the disease.

    The meeting was held a few days ago and it was found at first that 95 people who were there tested positive for coronavirus. Then it was determined that another 50 had symptoms compatible with the disease once they were at home. Little by little, 95 more cases were reported.

    Aware of the situation, the general director of the health authority, Pierre Ricordeau, expressed to the local media his concern about what is happening and acknowledged that social distancing was probably not sufficiently respected in the center.

    “There are infections everywhere, even among people who are not libertines. The message is the same for everyone: wear a mask, wash your hands and practice social distancing, whether you are libertine or not, ”said the official.

    He also maintained that the figures they handle in relation to the number of cases that exist are “very worrying” and explained that an alert had already been issued about the tourist center.

    For now, the authorities announced that they decided that there can be no gatherings of more than 10 people in the city, and also eliminated the extended hours for the operation of nightclubs and made a call for tourists to postpone their holidays in the area.

    Known as the “naturist village,” space has 10,000 camping pitches and 15,000 beds and is a secluded community with around a dozen swinger clubs and saunas, as well as erotic nightclubs that have hideouts for couples to have privacy inside. or out of the sight of others.

    One of the characteristics of the place is that it is allowed to be without clothes at all times. It is also considered the largest nudist complex in the world and receives thousands of tourists every year.

    Since the pandemic began, France has seen 329,000 positive cases of coronavirus and more than 30,000 deaths.

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