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    They cancel a La Liga advertisement because they kicked the concrete balls

    The City Council of the Spanish capital had dressed some concrete balls as if they were soccer balls that several pedestrians had kicked and injured themselves.

    The Madrid City Council decided to withdraw the advertising of LaLiga balls on the street concrete balls, a joint campaign with Puma, due to the fact that several people kicked them and injured themselves.

    The publicity consisted of dressing the balls like soccer balls, with fabric and the colors of the balls that this year will be used on Spanish soccer fields, but several passers-by were injured by kicking them, omitting the warning message that appeared on each of them. The aim of this design was to celebrate the start of the 2020/2021 season with fans, but in the end, the campaign only lasted one weekend. The decision was made after several netizens started posting criticism.on social media. “What damn illuminated person has ever thought that it was a good idea to disguise the spherical granite bollards as if they were soccer balls?” Exclaimed one of the users. The deputy mayor of Madrid, Begoña Villacís, rectified and confirmed that the concrete balls will return to their natural shape: “You are absolutely right. We have just removed them,” she replied through a tweet.

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