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    She spent £100,000 to have the narrowest waist in the world

    It does not exclude the possibility of removing the ribs

    Dora Rodriguez, a model, and former Miss Universe candidate, shocked followers on social media when she showed off her too- narrow waist.

    The model paid £ 100,000 for plastic surgery to get her one step closer to having “the narrowest waist in the world”, writes the Daily Star.

    “In the last few months, I’ve spent about £ 100,000 on liposculpture and mammoplasty,” Dora says.

    Of course, we’ve all heard of much more serious surgeries, like rib extraction, that some people have gone through to get to a narrower waist. Dora hasn’t done that yet, but she doesn’t rule out that it will be her turn in the future.

    – The removal of the ribs is not in my plans yet, but I am slowly starting to think about it – she explained.

    Latest Posts


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