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    She fell in love at the age of 30, the sex was magical, but it cost her £ 18,000

    Beth was 63 when she met Rodney

    The 68-year-old woman went mad after a younger boyfriend she fell in love with cheated on her and damaged her for £ 18,000.

    Beth Heining ( Beth Haining ) has decided to warn other women and tell their experience, and discovered that the young African man was in love “head over heels”.

    ” It was a crazy romance and I enjoyed magical sex,” she told.

    Beth saved for many years, working as a social worker, before being charmed by a man 30 years her junior with whom she even married at a ceremony in Ghana. She met him on social media and said he won her over with flirty messages.

    – I should have known better. I laughed at women who fell for handsome men and thought they were gullible and silly. I am one of them now – she admitted.

    Beth was 63 when she met Rodney, and he worked as a musician in Accra, Ghana, in the same place where Beth ran a charity that helped orphanages.

    “I was aware of the big age difference, but he lied that he was in his forties when in reality he was in his thirties,” Beth said.

    Rodney soon asked for money, and Beth gave him more than £ 2,000 to buy music equipment from the start.

    When she visited him in Ghana, he asked her several times to marry him, which she refused saying they did not know each other well enough. She changed her mind when Rodney proposed to her publicly during a concert. During the wedding, she found out how old he really is, but she thought it was too late to give up the marriage.

    After the wedding, she paid the lawyer £ 3,000 to arrange a visa for the spouse, which was granted in February 2017. Rodney moved in with her and lived off her money. She made him get a job, but he refused. The marriage broke down and Beth asked him to leave and paid for his trip home and covered all the costs of the divorce.

    “It was hard for me, but I’m better off without him,” she concluded.

    Latest Posts


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