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    Severina published a touching video with her son Aleksandar: Nothing hurts more than suffering for a child

    One of the most popular singers in the region, Severina (47), posted a touching video and status on her Instagram. The video shows her and her son Aleksandar (8) sailing in the sea while he hugs her, and Severina writes with the sad sounds of the song “MY Heart will go ON” by Celine Dion:

    – Nothing hurts more than suffering for a child. That’s what nature wanted. And it gave us strength. To fight, to endure. And I will fight. In that agony, what burns most fiercely like constant embers in the stomach is injustice, because it is as if no one hears or sees it. Believe me, sometimes even the strongest heart finds it hard to keep beating. And each beat leaves one scar. And so for 10 months. Today is the day when the heart stops. It is a full 10 months since the “temporary measure” by which my child was taken away. This “temporary measure” determined that my child would sleepover twice a month. To see him at 10 a.m. during the workweek and every other weekend starting Saturday at 10 p.m. And so for 10 months. “Temporarily.” Feeling like when your loudest scream is like no one hears. Or he doesn’t want to hear – Severina described and added: “But tomorrow is a new day…”

    In the comments, she gained great public support, especially from mothers who sympathize with Severina’s suffering.

    “I lay in the hospital for a month, even though my son came every day, I cried for him every day and he cried for me. It’s nothing compared to what you’re going through, and to me then the world collapsed. I can’t even imagine your pain and sorrow .. Hold on a little longer… “, writes the poor of Severina’s followers on Instagram.

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