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    If you don’t brush your teeth regularly, your heart will suffer

    Open sores in the mouth favor the deposition and spread of more than 700 species of harmful bacteria that enter the bloodstream and damage the heart

    A potential heart attack, in addition to stress, bad life habits, and a hereditary factor, can also cause poor oral and dental hygiene. Irregular maintenance of oral hygiene and irregular brushing of teeth can bring much greater dangers to the human body than previously thought.

    In addition to poor oral hygiene leading to bleeding gums and periodontitis, open mouth sores affect the deposition and spread of more than 700 types of harmful bacteria that enter the bloodstream and further damage the heart, scientists from the University of Bristol have confirmed.

    When bacteria enter the bloodstream as independent factors, they favor the development and accelerated progression of heart disease, regardless of whether we have had previous chronic diseases or our body is in full strength and condition.

    – Cardiovascular diseases are the most common cause of death in the Western world. Oral bacteria, streptococcus gordoni, and streptococcus sanguinis often cause infections, and today we recognize them as independent risk factors in the development of heart disease. It doesn’t matter how thin, physically fit, or healthy you are, with bad teeth your chances of heart disease increase – experts from the University of Brussels explain after examining the harmfulness of bacteria to the human body.

    Latest Posts


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