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    Christian Sancho: “My daughter thanked me for talking about sexual diversity”

    The actor spoke after the controversy and told how his relationship with the lingerie brand continues.

    After having declared in favor of sexual diversity and the controversy with the underwear brand that had him as an exclusive model for years, Christian Sancho said that his daughter Camille, 19, congratulated him on his statements and clarified: ” I would never sue a company that employs. ”

    After it appeared on the cover of the magazine Caras Que “bet on sexual diversity”, Sancho told Catalina Dlugi, on his radio program Agarrate Catalina: ” My daughter is super proud. She thanked me for speaking this way because of the thinking of many young people. Almost 20 years old, she thanked me enormously not only for her but for all the people she meets. They have the possibility and the ability to love intelligently. ”

    Regarding the conflict with the Lody brand, after they made public – through the networks – that they would not renew the contract that united them, the actor considered: “It’s not good, because I always handle myself with the truth and with respect. No, I like the possibility of entering into a controversy that does not exist. There are things that are not good. I am not interested in a company losing money or making a lawsuit against any company, I am not going to sue a worker. ”

    “There was a misunderstanding here, obviously on the part of both of us, because we were in a negotiation. I am not going to break a bond with a company that did us so well and gave us both success. It seems to me that here there are broken phones that we have to fix. What I am going to do is speak and have the possibility of an agreement, because there is no bad faith on either side, “he argued.

    “The company has every right not to want to renew, but I did not like the ways, saying goodbye for a post on Instagram. I want this to end in a good way because of the good bond we had,” he said. And he added: “I have great affection for the owner of the company, so it hurt me to find out from a post on Instagram. Later, we spoke on the phone and they apologized and I accepted them.”

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