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    Britney voluntary with a legal guardian

    According to the case of the musician Britney Spears, she wants to have a legal guardian. New evidence in her legal case was submitted to a judge in Los Angeles in the United States last Monday.

    The documents include an announcement from her lawyer, Samuel Ingham III, in which he says she is voluntary with a legal guardian and nominates a financial company to take over her finances.

    “My client is voluntary with a legal guardian. “She wants to exercise her right to appoint a legal guardian over her property,” Ingham III wrote in the case file.

    Spears has had a legal guardian since 2008 who is responsible for all of her personal and business matters. Her father, Jamie Spears, held that role until last year when he temporarily stepped aside due to illness. Agent Jodi Montgomery took over.

    Spears requested in August that changes be made to her legal guardianship and requested that Montgomery take over completely. Furthermore, she requested that a financial company, bank, or fund, take care of her finances.

    Spears fans have long doubted that she is voluntary with a legal guardian and launched the #FreeBritney campaign. They believe she is being held captive.

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