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    “Borat 2” is coming: Hilarious ridicule of right-wingers, under attack and Trump

    Last month, it was announced that Rudi Giuliani, an American politician and former mayor of New York, reported Cohen to the police after an interview.

    Sacha Cohen is preparing a new film about Borat, a sequel to the 2006 hit.

    The new film, according to media reports, will be called “Borat: A Gift of a Pornographic Monkey to Deputy Prime Minister Michael Pence for the Benefit of the Recently Reduced Nation of Kazakhstan.”

    The film website “Collider” was the first to publish the news that Borat 2 was filmed during the coronavirus pandemic, and even shown to several people in the film industry.

    The page adds that the success of the first film means that Sasha can no longer interview Americans by falsely posing as Borat, so he was forced to go anonymously, with varying degrees of success.

    The report contained a YouTube clip of a scene from the film, which was apparently shot in Los Angeles in mid-August, reports the Guardian.

    Last month, it was announced that Rudy Giuliani, an American politician and former mayor of New York, reported Cohen to the police after an interview in which he apparently entered his office in a pink bikini.

    – This person came shouting and screaming, so I thought this was definitely a scam, so I reported it to the police – said, Giuliani.

    Meanwhile, “Film Stage” reports that the film focuses on the global pandemic, as well as on the relationship of US President Donald Trump (Trump) with the controversial deceased rich Jeffrey Epstein (Jeffrey Epstein).

    Baron-Cohen was also seen in various masked combinations at an extreme right-wing rally in June, encouraging about 500 people to sing along to the anthem a text that includes lyrics, “Obama, what do we have to do, inject him with Wuhan flu.”

    His appearance at the rally was condemned by the local council, which called him “a blow to the face of a group of wonderful people” who attended the event.

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