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    Amazon finally approved drone delivery, when does the package delivery revolution begin?

    One of the obstacles to the mass sending of packages to drones is strict regulations regarding the use of airspace.

    The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is in charge of this area in the United States. This administration decides who will use the airspace and in what way, and which maneuvers and which aircraft are allowed.

    Last year, Amazon applied to the aviation authority for delivery to the drones, which has finally been approved these days. With that, we can say that Amazon has taken a big step towards innovative drone delivery – but the real work is only now to follow.

    The FAA approved Amazon’s request from August 2019, in which Amazon asked for the possibility of delivering packages of up to five kilograms to less populated areas by drones. Amazon has a very well-stocked delivery network in big cities and towns, and sparsely populated areas are a problem. In these places, Amazon is very likely to use drone delivery in the future, which should significantly speed up the delivery process. Figures of 30 minutes are mentioned, how many Amazon drones should deliver the package to remote sparsely populated places.

    It should be noted that Amazon is not the first company to be approved to deliver packages by drones. Prior to them, such approvals were given to Wing Aviation (part of Alphabet) and UPS, which is a recognizable company in the world of delivery. Despite the approvals, the mentioned companies have not used the possibility of delivery by drones to a large extent so far. We will see how things develop with Amazon because now it is necessary to design a quality system of such delivery that will work flawlessly because it is still a delivery in potentially dangerous airspace.

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